The Hour After Westerly (2019)

Editor, Visual Effects

[SHORT] Davis Harwell, a hardware salesman, drives home and at some point in the trip, gets off the main road. He seems to have lost his memory for that period and cannot recall where he went or why. Adapted by Nate Bell and Andy Morehouse from a mysterious 1947 New Yorker short story by Robert M. Coates.

The Long Dig (2019)

Editor, Colorist, VFX Artist

[SHORT] A film within the larger Aeronauts universe, designed to be released in conjunction with the game. It is an adventure in darkness, with flashes of fear and bursts of action, about one woman’s desperate desire to return home.

Sound of Waves (2019)

Editor, Colorist, Sound Design

[SHORT] Directed by Cody Coker and starring Summer Wagner, this unique film creates an immersive, visceral portrait of what it feels like to battle mental illness and live with depression.

Common Sense, Common Ground (2018)


[SHORT DOCUMENTARY] This is a story about the TransAlta Coal Plant in Centralia, WA and the negotiations between environmentalists, the plant owner, and state lawmakers to phase out the plant with a softer economic landing for the community and advance the transition from coal power to clean energy.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) Behind The Scenes 360°

Colorist, VFX Artist

[VR EXPERIENCE] Get an unprecedented look into the jaw-dropping stunts of Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Featured by AdWeek and a Gold Winner at the 2018 Clio Entertainment Awards in Theatrical: Digital/Mobile Virtual/Augmented Reality.

If These Legs Could Talk (2018)

Cinematographer, Colorist, Visual Effects

[FEATURE] Friends Courtney and Reuben attempt a thirty day, 1100-mile run from San Diego to Portland, for which neither of them are prepared. Written and directed by Jer & Kev in their second feature comedy. Now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Persephone (2018)

Editor, Colorist, Visual Effects

[SHORT] Amber sets out with a crew to terraform the newly discovered planet Persephone. There, she faces hostile native lifeforms and struggles from her past. Written and directed by Truett Billups.

Tango Down (2018)

Editor, Visual Effects

[SHORT] Two Afghanistan war veterans have their brotherhood tested as they face off in civilian life. Written by USMC veterans Rick Swift and Andrew Dorsett, this special production was powered by veterans in the cast and crew, forming a new community of service members to tell their stories.

Reinventing Power: America's Renewable Energy Boom (2018)


[FEATURE DOCUMENTARY] Hear directly from the people whose lives were changed by the clean energy economy. Screened in dozens of cities across the nation by the Sierra Club.

Manifest Destiny: The Lewis & Clark Musical Adventure (2016)

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, VFX


In this subversive comedy, the Lewis & Clark expedition is transformed into an exaggerated fairy tale and allegory about American ego. Initially believing it is their divine destiny to conquer the West, our explorers will discover they are part of a much different story.

Featuring original songs from co-creators and co-stars Jer & Kev, the film is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Soundtrack available on Spotify and iTunes.

Nova (2014)

Cinematographer, Executive Producer

[SHORT] During Earth's final hours, a man struggles to preserve humanity's last legacy. Written and directed by Joshua Sikora, and winner of the Gold Remi Award at the 49th Annual Houston International Film Festival.

Attic (2013)

Editor, Colorist

[SHORT] Living in her dead mother's house, Rachel has just returned from a trip overseas. When she hears strange noises coming from the attic, she begins to question her sanity. Attic was an official selection at the Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Film Festival and winner of "Best Thriller" at the Neon Venus Short Film Festival.

National Parks of New York Harbor (2012)

Writer, Editor, Second Unit Photography

[FEATURE DOCUMENTARY] Discover a rich heritage from sites around Manhattan, and perhaps a connection to your own personal history. Available on Blu-ray/DVD on Ellis Island and other New York national park sites.

Valley of Mist (2011)

Editor, Creature Design, Second Unit Photography

[SHORT] Two native Americans, one thousand years ago, journey into the Los Angeles Basin for the first time. After getting lost in the mountains, they realize they are not alone. Premiered on Hulu as part of The Seventh Spectrum anthology series.