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Manifest Destiny: T

he Lewis & Clark Musical Adventure (2016)

Strangely magical, this tall tale of Lewis and Clark becomes a romping spoof of American history. Follow the explorers out on the trail as they discover that destiny may be anything but manifest.

Based on a cult web series, this feature-length, musical parable was hailed as "comedic gold from sea to shining sea" at the Macon Film Festival and features ten original songs. The soundtrack is available on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

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Created by and starring Jer & Kev

Directed by Anthony Parisi

Produced by William Hellmuth



If These Legs Could Talk (2018)

Friends Courtney and Reuben attempt a thirty day, 1110-mile run from San Diego to Portland, for which neither of them are prepared.

Jer & Kev return in their second feature-length film. Available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime beginning June 15th, 2018.

Created by and starring Jer & Kev

Cinematography by Anthony Parisi